viernes, diciembre 02, 2005

Interview with Mike Davis

Mike Davis, in this recent interview, argues for the development of:
...disaster plans that involve citizen participation and mobilize citizen skills and initiative, and that use principals of neighborhood or social solidarity as the basis for disaster planning. The Japanese do this to some extent. The Cubans have a great experience in doing this throughout hurricanes; despite the image in the American press that it's all done top-down by the army, that's not how it works... it changes your whole perception of your own situation, when you view yourself as a citizen with responsibility for your neighbors rather than as a selfish survivalist trying to hide out and escape the fate of other people.
Yes. Exactly. This blog is motivated by the desire to build "social solidarity." This blog is motivated by the desire to resist "selfish survivalist" tendencies (in myself and others.)

Read full interview: click this link.

[Thanks to brother A for sending me this link.]