jueves, diciembre 08, 2005

C.O.R.E. 1

We went to the first training for C.O.R.E. (Citizen of Oakland Respond to Emergencies). The focus was earthquake and fire preparedness but there was some good information. I recommend that everyone get this training. I'm pretty sure that everyone will learn something new even if some of the information is already well known. It is an especially good workshop for households and family units to attend together. It gets everyone on the same page.

Here's what I learned: I need to program the Oakland police and fire emergency numbers into my cell phone. 911 calls from cell phones go to a highway patrol dispatch somewhere else. We—like an increasing number of people we know—don't have a landline. So if we need help quick we will be calling from our cellphones.

There are three levels of C.O.R.E. training. To do the second training, they recommend that you organize a group of neighbors. They actually come out to the neighborhood and do a walk through. So we are looking for neighbors who'd like to be part of this. Any takers?