martes, noviembre 01, 2005

Stockpiling Food and Water

How much food and water does it make sense to stockpile? That's a hard question and it is pretty intimidating to read the posts at FluWiki from people who are stockpiling for a whole year. [yikes!]

That just doesn't seem feasible for us. Not financially. Not psychically.

We have made a decision to only stockpile things that we will actually WANT to eat, pandemic or no. We are trying to find the balance between preparedness and reason.

We have settled on the following strategy:
  1. We signed up for regular water delivery. Over the next month we will gather a surplus of 30-40 gallons of drinking water.
  2. We have stopped recycling large plastic containers and are, instead, filling them with water for non-drinking uses like washing. We buy our kitty litter in plastic jugs and these work well for water storage.
  3. During our regular grocery shopping, we are buying extras of whatever we are buying anyway (an extra jar of peanut butter, extra coffee, extra cans of beans, etc). We are focusing on foods that are high in nutrition. From a month of doing this, we have filled a large plastic tub.
  4. In addition to our regular supplies, we bought some "thermopaks" of ultra-pasteurized milk (Horizon organic) and soy milk to use in baking. And, a large can of olive oil.
  5. When it seems appropriate, we plan to buy large sacks of rice, lentils, and flour. We are vegetarians so we are used to eating beans and rice. We can bake bread if necessary or , perhaps, flour tortillas.