miércoles, noviembre 02, 2005

Snow Days in Oakland. It's Possible

Word for word from Bush's Pandemic Influenza Plan:
Implementation of “snow days”—asking everyone to stay home—involves the entire community in a positive way, is acceptable to most people, and is relatively easy to implement. Snow days may be instituted for an initial 10-day period, with final decisions on duration based on an epidemiologic and social assessment of the situation. States and local authorities may wish to consider recommendations to the public for acquisition and storage of necessary provisions including type and quantity of supplies needed during snow days. Snow days can effectively reduce transmission without explicit activity restrictions (i.e., quarantine). Consideration should be given to personnel who maintain primary functions in the community (e.g.,law enforcement personnel, transportation workers, utility workers [electricity, water, gas, telephone, sanitation]). Compliance with snow days might be enhanced by “self-shielding” behavior (i.e., many people may stay home even in the absence of an official snow day [“reverse quarantine”]).

The plan is over 300 pages long. This quotation is from Part 2.8 "Community Disease Control and Prevention."