martes, noviembre 01, 2005

List of Supplies in my Preparedness Pack

Coleman Stove and extra cannisters of fuel
Batteries for flashlight/radio
All kinds of soap—dishwashing, hand, laundry
Clorox disinfecting wipes
Clorox spray cleaner
Bleach for disinfectant
Alcohol-based hand disinfectant (Purell)
Paper Towels
Garbage bags
Ziplock baggies
Toilet Paper for 3 months
Cat food and kitty litter

I'm keeping these in the basement so we don't use them by mistake.

In addition, I bought some masks and latex gloves. Out in the avian flu blogosphere, there is quite a bit of controversy about what kind of masks to buy. I got one box (20 masks) of the N95 NIOSH-approved type. These are the kind they use in hospitals. Others, say NANO-masks are better. I ordered NANO-masks from the internet about a month ago and I haven't received them yet. I think they are on back-order but who knows. I'm not sure that I ordered from the best site.